High Impact Communication

Our fast learning communication materials are easy to access, easy to understand and easy to use. The idea is that people learn on water related topics in a fast and fun way. Everyone will benefit from clear messages!


TheWaterChannel is an open resource with lots of videos related to water. It is a community of creative people tuned into water. The open approach and its aim to bring water on many unexpected agenda enhances the overall goal to become an important force for change in water management.
Flashcards are used as a tool to trigger discussion among practitioners in the field. Flashcard show pictures of interesting (or alarming) situations. Users will be encouraged to think about this situation as a question is asked on the frontside and an answer is given on the backside.
A cartoon is an excellent tool to explain complex situations. Using this cartoon was a great way to explain the complex groundwater situation in Ethiopia.
A Lecture Series on watershed management in Ethiopia has been recorded using a simple mini studio set up and an expert on the topic. The lectures were disseminated through our Ethiopian network of experts, academicians, practitioners and policymakers.
GLoWS (Guided Learning on Water and Sanitation) offers problem-based learning for a large number of sector staff working at Woreda level in Ethiopia. Together with community leaders practical water, sanitation and hygiene plans are developed.
Read also the report of a recent field visit.
Know with the Flow is a website developed for water practitioners looking for knowledge and communication materials in the water sector. Tips and tricks on common software as well as a picture library can be found.


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Water training and communication materials.




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