Ideas for… series

Whereas in many fields much knowledge is available, it is often represented in a format that takes too much time and patience to absorb. As a result, a lot of what is valuable to know never gets an audience of practitioners. We have developed formats to communicate ideas rather than knowledge, not to instruct but to inspire.

The Ideas for… series shares existing experiences in a condensed, accessible and creative format. The books are not written just for specialists, but for anyone interested in these topics. The books are set up in such a way that they can be easily browsed through. It is not necessary to read the books from start to finish.

growth and equity Promoting Growth and Equity. Examples and Experiences. 2010. Wageningen, The Netherlands: MetaMeta Communications.
groundwater Ideas for Groundwater Management
Chevalking S., Knoop, L. and F. van Steenbergen. 2008. Wageningen, The Netherlands: MetaMeta and IUCN. (Order a hardcopy.)
Ideas and Experiences in Mainstreaming Environment and Water
MetaMeta Management and ODI. 2006. The Netherlands: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
mmC_Ideas_Flood_2014 Ideas for Flood Management
MetaMeta Research
local action Ideas for Local Action in Water Management
Ittersum, M. and F. van Steenbergen. 2003. Stockholm, Sweden: The Global Water Partnership.
awareness campaigns Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns
W. Schaap and F. van Steenbergen. 2001. Stockholm, Sweden: The Global Water Partnership.


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