Training packages

MetaMeta Communications prepares many training packages and tutorials on various subjects including groundwater, integrated water resources management, climate change adaptation and spate irrigation. Our training packages contain many visuals and are user friendly.




projects Community Spate Irrigation
These modules bring together material and insights on community spate irrigation an important but often little understood form of water management. More training packages on spate irrigation in different countries can be found here.
Why gender matters
This tutorial is primarily aimed at those people interested in or responsible for managing water resources. It shows how addressing gender will improve efficiency of water use and environmental sustainability. A gender approach will also improve social benefits and equity from use of our water
Participatory Groundwater Management
Participatory groundwater management brings together the scattered experience and to equip persons keen to promote participatory groundwater management this training kit has been prepared. The training kit consists of 8 main modules, which are complemented by additional modules, exercises and reference material.
Guided Learning on Water and Sanitation
Guided Learning on Water and Sanitation (GLoWS) offers problem-based learning for a large number of sector staff working at Woreda level in Ethiopia. Together with community leaders practical water, sanitation and hygiene plans are developed. The trainings were piloted by a consortium of MetaMeta, RiPPLE and SNV in 2008 and are further developed in 2012 within the Dutch Wash Alliance
IWRM tutorial
This tutorial developed in cooperation with Cap-Net includes the basics of Integrated Water Resources Management. The tutorial includes small flash animations, videos, panorama views and flash slideshows and it has been made adaptable to different contexts.


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