Circular Economy

Circular Economy is dedicated to upgrading (in)organic waste streams to high standard (international certified) fertilizers. It started all in 2011, when Drs. W.M. de Jong co-initiated MetaMeta Circular Economy.

De Jong, former deputy of Housing, Environment and Sustainability (province Utrecht) started in 2009 to promote reuse of waste streams from the mining industry (rock dust) in trials among dairy farmers in Achterveld and Zegveld. These trials showed the potential value of rock dust as soil improver and fertilizer. Although election results did not allow De Jong to continue his initiative on provincial level, he continued to promote this ‘forgotten’ soil improver, now in the international agricultural sector, with MetaMeta.

From its birth, MetaMeta established connections with a wide range of research institutes, companies and NGO’s who are also involved in developing cleaner and cheaper fertilizers for the smallholder farmers on the African continent. In the meantime De Jong accepted another challenge as major of the city of Houten. His philosophy using waste stream as high value inputs is however more than alive, with several active projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania. We are expanding our capacity to serve smallholder and commercial farmers in Eastern Africa and (now) also Asia. 



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Rubén Borge Robles, 2013