MetaMeta designs games, puzzles and books. Designing games in essence does not differ from some of our other activities: they structure the way we interact and tickle the mind.
We are currently working on games for health purposes, for instance a book of games for training in motoric skills and a number of hand games.

Our portfolio includes board games, games for magazines and puzzle games. All games involve skill, wit and luck. The games have all been tried out in focus groups.
Over the years we have built up a portfolio of more than 30 types of games and puzzles. We can design and adjust games for special purposes as well.

Games and puzzles by MetaMeta have been published in various books & magazines, such as Taptoe, Okki, Flo, Kidsweek, Spider and Zwijsen Vakantieboeken, as well as in various news papers, such as Algemeen Dagblad, Hindu Times, and Le SoirMagazine. A book with ten games appeared with Spark in India.

When you want some more information about one of our projects please contact us.

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