Meta-Frame is a suite of instruments developed to manage complex projects and programs and implement policy. Implementation and the achievement of results is central to Meta-Frame. The background is:

  • There is large need to achieve cost effectiveness and value-for-money in implementing complex programs and policies
  • Achieving results does not happen by chance
  • Program design, implementation arrangement and conducive environments are essential, yet the mechanisms of effective programs are not always thought through;
  • It is as important to manage certainty as it is to manage uncertainty

Meta-Frame consists of three nested circles: program design and review; implementation arrangements; and culture and governance. The show, the artists and audience and the marquee matter equally as in a circus.


Meta-Frame can be used for:

  • Program design
  • Project and program evaluation
  • Capacity building
  • Designing and reviewing implementation strategies
  • Designing financing systems
  • Designing reporting and monitoring systems
  • Developing and implementing communication strategies
  • Implementing culture change programs
  • Reviews of program management and governance
  • Supporting interim management