Ring 3 Culture and governance

The third ring is closely related to the culture surrounding a program. Is achieving objectives the prime concern or does a culture of justifying inputs pervade? In the culture of an organization and the cooperation of an organization what is valued most, formally and informally? Who is held accountable by whom? What scope is their for achievers and self-starters?

Similarly program governance is important who decide in the end on the initiation, direction and termination of a program? Who put the main players on the table and decides on the rules of the game? How clear is the governance of a program?

Changing culture and changing governance does in most cases not happen automatically, unless prompted by disaster. Often it is important to think of ‘agency’ – the players that will take the lead in introducing changes in culture and governance.


  • Culture measurement and change
  • Governance reviews
  • Transparency systems
  • Defining agency