Vacancy Programe manager regenerative agriculture Nepal

MetaMeta NEPAL Pvt.Ltd
Bhaktapur, Nepal

Position: Programme manager regenerative agriculture
No. of Vacancy: One

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Compendium of Approaches to Improve Water Productivity

Compendium of Approaches to Improve Water Productivity

This Compendium of Approaches to Improve Water Productivity describes how the analysis of water productivity with the extensive database of the FAO portal to monitor WAter Productivity through Open access Remotely sensed derived data (WaPOR), can be used t...Read more

Launching Rodent Green company for ecologically based rodent management


Rodent Green – our latest spin-off company was officially registered on 21 February 2021. Rodent Green is meant to be the ’to go to’ organization for practical ecologically based rodent management and the use of bio-rodenticide.

Rainworms for soil and landscape management


We are producing an instruction video on how to best stimulate the health of rainworms for better soil life and landscape management. The beta vision is ready - for more details send a message to

MetaMeta prepares guidelines on springs protection in Nepal


There is a huge concern that in mountain areas the discharge of 30-50% of the springs has severely reduced. Such springs are the main source of water. In Nepal we have started the work with the Department of Local Infrastructure on guidelines on how to ...Read more