A flashcard is a double sided card showing a picture of a specific challenge, phenomenon, or good example (relevant to the project area) on the front. It poses a question which triggers the audience to take a closer look at the picture. On the back a more elaborated explanation is given on the topic it addresses.

They can be used to trigger discussion or to enhance fast learning. When they are used in a group, people can learn from each other, because different people will focus on different aspects in the same flashcard.

They can be used in the field during farmer meetings and in groups. Also they can be used as a joint assignment: let the participants develop their own cards in groups.

We developed flashcards on various topics Please click on the links below to view them.




 Gabion checkdam  Sand mining  Soil bunds
 Vegetative checkdam  Stony field  Water from dry riverbed
 Elephant grass and stone bunds  Cut and carry  Gully trenches
 Eyebrow design  Bunds and trenches  Checkdam series
 Gabion  Stone paved waterway  Livestock path
 Eyebrows (layout)  Failed checkdam  Brush checkdam
 Line level tool  Soil bund  Stone checkdam
 Community planning  Maresha plough on steep slope  Stone lined pond
 Traditional well  Grass strips and contour furrow  Tied ridges
 Plastic mulch and drip irrigation  Deep trenches on gully walls  Micro irrigation with pet bottle
 Napier grass  Protected dugwell mound  Gully reshaping
 Seedling nursery shading  Herring bones  Jaipal resource mapping