Who we are

waterwheelsm1-270x270MetaMeta is a group of companies, that is established to deliver socially relevant but commercially viable services. At present the group consists of MetaMeta Research, MetaMeta Communications, MetaMeta Management, MetaMeta Circular Economy and MetaMeta Games. To view or download our profile, click here. Corporate social responsibility is part of our founding statutes. Please find our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement, Gender Policy, Child Protection Policy, Employee Conduct and the Strategic Plan 2014-2018 here as well.

MetaMeta works with an enthusiastic core team supported by close associates. Our team: Abraham Abhishek, Abraham Mehari (PhD), Anastasia Deligianni, Celestine Kilongosi, Elisabeth Bastemeijer, Esmee Mulder, Francesco Sambalino, Frank van Steenbergen (PhD), Girma SenbetaHilary GaliwangoJohan Winnubst, Karin Bremer, Linda NavisLuwieke BosmaMadiha al Junaid, Nada Al-Dahmashi, Nancy KadenyiNardos Masresha TadesseRahma Mohammed, Reinier VeldmanRoy HovensSaroj YakamiSimon Chevalking, Sukru EsinTaye AlemayehuTegenu Zerfu, Theophilus Kioko, Ties Temmink, Yoseph Cherinet.

Associates: Arjen van der Wal, Henk HoltslagJan Teun Visscher (PhD),Olaf VerheijenRubén BorgeSai Bhaskar N. Reddy (PhD).

MetaMeta Research undertakes applied research on water and natural resource management. It aims to complement these services with policy discussion, structured stakeholder engagement, program development and capacity building. Prominent themes are groundwater management, spate irrigation and environmental governance.

MetaMeta Communications tries to close the gap between knowledge suppliers and practitioners through a range of services in capacity building, training and communications. It constantly develops new formats, such as ideas books and issues maps.

MetaMeta Management supports the management of complex programs and the implementation of policies. It has developed a suite of instruments for program management, called Meta-Frame, based on the management of certainties as well as uncertainties.

MetaMeta Games designs games, puzzles and books that all include the factors skill, wit and luck. The latest games include training in motoric skills and a number of hand games.

MetaMeta Circular Economy develops and implements economic feasible approaches for environmental friendly ways of using resources, and invests in developing knowledge and techniques for a circular economy, at first in the agricultural realm.