Games with a Heart

Games with a Heart aims to develop educational games for enhancing horizontal learning in the development sector. The main objective is to design and use simple and fun games to raise awareness and transform knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of targeted populations (local communities, schools, government officers and development agents) working in the areas of natural resources management, agriculture and food security, nutrition, health, WASH and social justice, among others.

These are games ‘with a heart’, meant for good causes and not for commercial purposes. MetaMeta games can be played by children, youth and adults to promote peace, love, joy, forbearance/patience, kindness, self-control, social and cultural awareness, healthy practices, innovations in technologies and techniques, and so on.

MetaMeta has over 20 years of experience in developing serious games. The organisation has a long list of puzzles & mazes, board, card, physical and digital games that have been developed over the years (50+ in total). We are in the process of adapting some of these games to fit current development projects and contexts, but we are also interested in developing new ones, which can support MetaMeta’s ongoing and planned projects as well as other relevant ones from key development partners.

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