Urban Water Resilience

As cities grow, urban water management systems become increasingly important. They need to deliver under increasing stress. Future water resources need to be secured in a time of climate change, and management needs to deal with rising demand, aging systems, and the risk of disaster. The situation is even more complex in countries that are facing internal conflicts and war. Resilience is a key word for city water systems.

We promote the development of cities – large, medium-sized and small – by helping then to increase water use efficiency and water safety and to enhance the resilience of their water systems looking at the water cycle from ‘source to tap and back’ and to have robust management systems.

Urban water resilience
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Our approach consists of:

  • Introducing better crisis-resistant management – in service delivery, customer relations, staff management, finance, reducing non-revenue water, asset management and safe water handling at household
  • Integrating urban planning and water management, to secure water resources, reduce the risk of floods and to increase quality of life: developing ‘sponge’ cities
  • Strengthening the relation between the city and the surrounding area and its economy to assure cooperation in watershed protection, groundwater management and water quality management – including urban wetlands
  • Underpin these approaches by community awareness campaigns and setting up visitor’s centers