Rapid Flood Damage Assessment for historic flood in Balochistan – Pakistan

Extremely heavy rains during June-August 2022 have caused a devastating flood in several provinces of  Pakistan, including Balochistan as one of the hardest-hit areas. This year’s flood is regarded as exceptionally damaging, with 33.05 million people affected and a death toll of more than 1300. MetaMeta Research, in collaboration with the Flood Based Livelihoods Network have released a rapid assessment of the damages, aiming to provide a first overview of the damage and losses in this epicentre of the flood disaster and highlight the activities for urgent recovery. The assessment focuses on the Kacchi Plain in Balochistan, showing:
  • 100,000+ people affected through foot shortage, shelter damage and lack of fodder for animals
  • About 80,000 Hectares of lost Kharif crop
  • 3000+ collapsed houses

The report also features a recovery plan, highlighting the importance of capturing the rabi crop (140,000 Ha), and restore livelihoods. There is a strong need for restoring the spate irrigation system in lower Nari and rebuild back better. Lastly, provision of improved drinking water systems and village flood protection bunds are crucial for the area.
Further details available in the damage assessment report, available here.
A video clip capturing the damages is available here:

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